The Web Portal of Audio Engineer Allen Morris

A great recording doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It also doesn’t need to be done with thousands of dollars of equipment. That is my philosophy. Whether you are a band or solo musician, it is my mission to give you a unique sound all your own, with the high quality you deserve at a cost-effective price point.

AM Sound Recording is owned and operated by audio engineer and musician Allen Morris. Being a musician myself, I have a unique approach to recording that focuses on capturing the energy and mood of a performance, while sounding as natural as appropriate. My specialty are “acoustic instruments:” instruments that move air, whether it is a drum set or a electric guitar amp set to eleven. While I focus on music, voiceover and dialogue work can also be done with the same clarity and quality. AM Sound Recording is also a completely mobile system and can be brought to any space that you find inspiring.

From tracking, mixing, and mastering, to full music production, arranging and songwriting, contact AM Sound Recording for you next project.